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EWMD online | Iranian women and men are fighting the war on streets for "Woman, Life and Liberty"

Liebe EWMD Mitglieder,

wir möchten euch gerne kurzfristig zu einem Onlinetreffen am kommenden Montag, 26.9. um 18.30 Uhr einladen, um gemeinsam zu überlegen, was wir (und sei der Beitrag noch so klein) tun können, um auf die Situation im Iran aufmerksam zu machen und zu sensibilisieren.

Untenstehend findet ihr eine kurze Darstellung der Situation. 

Wir freuen uns über jede Teilnehmerin, die trotz der Kurzfristigkeit Zeit findet.

Viele Grüße 
Eure Caterine Schwierz
EWMD Deutschland Vorstand

Iranian women and men are fighting the war on streets for “Woman, Life and Liberty”!
#MahsaAmini (22y) was arrested by “guidance (morality) police” in Tehran on 16th September because of lose headscarf. She was transported to the hospital while in police custody and died in coma after two days, due to cerebral hemmorhage and stroke.

The brutality of the guidance police has been a nightmare for 43 years, i.e. since Islamic revolution of Iran in 1979, most specifically for women. Islam defines the “full age” at 9 for women, at which they are obliged to follow the religious rules including hijab. However, in Iran the first year school girls (7+) are already obliged to have headscarf at school. Thus, the compulsory hijab starts around the age of 6 and even earlier, if a girl looks more mature at any age.

The compulsory hijab, expected by the guidance police, is not only about wearing “any” headscarf. Women must follow strict dress-code to cover themselves all over the body and hair with dark colored textile, only leaving face, hands and feet without any make-up or manicure and pedicure, at any public places. The authorities of the guidance police go beyond hijab and cover almost all private aspects of human life.

Nevertheless, compulsory hijab and brutality of the guidance police against women and their basic rights have been the most controversial topics in Iran since 1979. After suspicious death of #MahsaAmini protests are rising on streets in all major cities and even many small towns all over Iran. The police and plain-cloths police are confronting the protesters savagely by tear gas and water, beating, arresting and even shooting people on streets, that already caused 3 confirmed deaths. Videos of protests and police confrontations are viral on social media. Thus, the social media is being again shot down in Iran to stop the protest-gatherings and leaking news out of Iran.

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18:30:00 - 19:30:00 CET

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