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EWMD-Society | Missing pictures - KI - generates History
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Invitation: Join the Exhibition of "missing pictures"
International Event

Join us on a journey of discovery and empowerment as EWMD Society proudly presents the online exhibition "Missed Images: Bringing Women in Science to Light."
The Schader Foundation, and here the Head of Communications Dr Stella Lorenz in Darmstadt, is giving the EWMD Society a special virtual tour of the exhibition with the 17 portraits of female scientists who have been forgotten. All pictures are  made by Gesine Born. Both will tell us more about their idea and the purpose of the making it with KI.

In a world where history has often relegated women's contributions to the shadows, Gesine Born, a visionary photographer in Berlin, has embarked on a remarkable project. Through the fusion of art and cutting-edge technology, she breathes life into forgotten photographs, infusing them with the brilliance, fascination, and character they deserve. Witness the magic as artificial intelligence animates these images, unveiling the untold stories of remarkable women in science.

Our goal at EWMD is simple yet profound: to illuminate the path for future generations by showcasing the extraordinary achievements of women. We believe that every university wall, every parliament, every hall of fame should reflect the diversity and brilliance of women who have shaped our world through their dedication and intellect.

Join us in spreading this transformative idea worldwide (and your friends). Let's break the barriers of perception and rewrite the narrative of women in science. Together, we can inspire young minds, honour the legacies of our foremothers, and pave the way for a future where every girl sees herself reflected in the halls of academia and innovation.

Together, let's make women in science visible, celebrated, and revered.

More information please find at ewmd-society 
The concept of honoring women in history is also reflected in our HALL of FAME - have a look.

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